Highway M Chapel is the meeting place of a non-denominational church in Sedalia, MO.

We believe that …


  • The Bible is inspired of God, inerrant and infallible – a manifest of the mind of God, a road map to heaven, a blue print for building character, a text book for the final exam.1
  • There is one God in three Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – unexplainable but true.2
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is grand theme of the Bible3 and that He, being deity,4 was lovingly sent by God the Father from heaven,5 miraculously became a man,6 perfectly lived His brief life,7  substitutionarily died to redeem sinners headed for hell,8 powerfully rose again,9 sovereignly now rules over all10 and is coming again to raise the dead, to judge the world,11  to burn up the universe and bring in a new heavens and new earth in which righteousness dwells.12
  • Mankind fell with Adam and Eve and all are under judgment, sinners by nature, needing to be saved from the wrath of God and hell’s consuming flame.13
  • The chief purpose of man  is to glorify God, to love Him and enjoy Him for time and eternity.14
  • Salvation is of the Lord – God the Father graciously elected a people for His name,15 the Son lovingly purchased their redemption,16 and the Holy Spirit applies that redemption by miraculously calling them out of darkness and into God’s marvelous light.17 This new birth is a sovereign work of God producing repentance and faith18 and a changed life, thereafter daily progressively conformed to Christ.19 All others are false Christians.20
  • All are responsible to repent and believe.21 Repentance is a turning to God from a life of sin and all known sin. Faith is trusting that Jesus died to pay my sin-debt and that through His gracious work on the cross I have full, free, forgiveness forever and a title to heaven.22 Faith is a life of trusting the Lord in everything.23
  • Baptism is for believers.24 It is an outward symbol of what is believed to have happened inwardly upon union with Christ, that is, the burial of the old sinful self and the raising up of a new life in Christ.
  • The gifts of the Spirit are still valid,25 though we ourselves are not Pentecostal, nor Charismatic.
  • The church meeting is to be an open, interactive meeting, not a spectator – performer setting, not a one-man show.26 The Lord’s Day meeting includes the Lord’s Supper, that is, a love feast, a meal,27 along with the symbols of the Lord’s broken body and shed blood.


Soli Deo Gloria